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Why Your Furnace is Short Cycling in Georgetown, IN

January 10, 2024

Short cycling can threaten your comfort in Georgetown, IN this winter, and if you don’t address the problem, it can also set up conditions that might cause your furnace to break down completely. To prevent these things from happening, it’s important that you understand why your furnace might start short cycling. The following are a few common issues that can cause short cycling in a furnace.

Thermostat Trouble

Your thermostat controls the operation of your furnace, dictating when it should turn on and off. But if your thermostat malfunctions for any reason — whether because of a wiring issue, improper programming, faulty batteries, or anything else — it could send signals to your unit that will cause it to go haywire. In this case, for your furnace to cycle normally again, you’ll have to ask an HVAC technician to either fix your thermostat or set you up with a new one.

Old or Dirty Air Filters

Smooth and unobstructed airflow is one of the primary prerequisites for your furnace to function efficiently. If the filters in your unit are full of dirt and debris, they can stop air from flowing as freely as it should, which may cause your furnace to either work overtime or shut down entirely. The combination of these things can cause short cycling.

The solution is to always replace your furnace’s air filters every three months. If the filters are reusable, remember to clean them according to that timetable.

Your System is the Wrong Size

There might be a more fundamental reason your furnace is short-cycling; perhaps your unit is too large and powerful for your home. In that case, your furnace will heat your home too quickly and turn off in a flash before having to turn it on again. Unfortunately, the only solution to this problem is to have professional technicians measure your home and install the right-sized furnace.

Furnace short cycling is annoying. You should prevent it when you can and take whatever steps are open to you to make it stop. For help, call Lamb’s Heating & Air Conditioning in Georgetown, IN, and ask for heating repair services.

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