furnace issues in New Albany, IN

Why Is Your Furnace Making Your Home Colder in New Albany, IN?

December 1, 2022

The last thing any homeowner wants during winter is a problematic furnace. Blowing cold air is one of the most common furnace issues during the coldest period of the year. Here are some reasons why a furnace blows cold air in New Albany, IN.

You Have a Clogged Air Filter

A furnace air filter protects the furnace components from dirt and debris. These contaminants accumulate in large quantities on the filter over time and restrict airflow into the furnace.

The furnace works extra hard to pull air through the clogged filter. Working overtime increases the strain on the system parts, resulting in frequent repairs. It also causes the system to overheat.

The furnace turns off as a safety measure to prevent a fire disaster. Consequently, you will not get any hot air from your system. Consider replacing your air filter often.

You May Have Thermostat Issues

Your thermostat communicates your temperature needs to the furnace. If you forget to set your thermostat to “HEAT” and it’s still stuck on “COOL,” your furnace may not supply the hot air you need.

Also, if you set your thermostat’s fan settings to “ON,” your home’s temperatures will remain low. The “ON” setting distributes air even when your furnace is not heating your home.

Consider setting your thermostat’s fan to “AUTO.” This ensures the fan only operates when the furnace is working, hence distributing the heated air.

There May Be Gas Line Problems

Your furnace may not ignite if it’s not getting sufficient gas supply. This is usually a precautionary measure that HVAC manufacturers put in place.

To determine whether there’s sufficient gas getting to your furnace, you can check whether the other appliances that use gas in your house are working properly. If the other appliances function normally, contact us, and a technician will check the system.

Our dedicated technicians are here to help you. Contact Lamb’s Heating & Air Conditioning for professional heating services if your furnace fails you.

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