R22 Refrigerant in Georgetown, IN

Why Is the Price of R22 Refrigerant Increasing in Floyds Knobs, IN?

February 19, 2024

Most newer heat pumps and air conditioners in Floyds Knobs, IN now use R-410A refrigerant. However, if your system was installed before 2010, there is a high chance that it still uses R-22 refrigerant. If your heat pump or AC uses R-22 refrigerant, it will now cost more to recharge it since the price of has increased due to the phase-out.

Understanding the R-22 Phase-Out

In 1987, the United States and every other United Nations member signed the Montreal Protocol. The design of this agreement was to help protect the ozone layer and minimize degradation by limiting the use of hydrochlorofluorocarbons (HCFCs), which include R-22. Despite signing the document decades ago, the U.S. didn’t actually start to phase out R-22 until 2010, when the requirement for all new AC equipment to use R-410A began.

As part of this phase-out, the U.S. outlawed the production and importation of R-22 beginning on January 1, 2020. Since this point, you can only use recycled or reclaimed R-22. As a result, the supply is now very limited, so the prices of R-22 have risen quite a bit.

Why Was the Production of R-22 Banned?

The U.N. and the U.S. outlawed R-22 and other HFCs because the chlorine they contain has extremely powerful ozone-depleting properties. They are also extremely powerful greenhouse gases that trap lots of heat in the atmosphere. According to the EPA, HCFCs from air conditioners, heat pumps and refrigeration systems account for approximately 10% of all carbon emissions.

What to Do If Your System Still Uses R-22

Just because your old air conditioner still uses R-22 doesn’t mean you need to immediately have it replaced with a new unit. Even though R-22 is now more expensive, there should still be a large enough supply for at least a few more years should you need any AC repairs. In fact, your old AC unit will likely die and need to be replaced before the supply of R-22 runs out.

However, you may still want to start considering upgrading to a new AC unit sooner rather than later. By doing so, you can reduce your cooling costs as even the most basic unit will be much more energy efficient. This also means that you can decrease your carbon footprint.

If you’re not sure which refrigerant your HVAC equipment uses, Lamb’s Heating & Air Conditioning is here to help. We service and repair all types of central air conditioners from any manufacturer. If you need any AC installation or repair services, give the team at Lamb’s Heating & Air Conditioning a call today.

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