overheating furnace in Sellersburg, IN

Why Does My Furnace Keep Overheating in Sellersburg, IN?

November 30, 2022

Does it smell like the furnace in your Sellersburg, IN home is always burning? Have you noticed other issues, such as the furnace turning off before it should? Sounds like your furnace is overheating, and here are some reasons why.

Short Cycling Is Causing the Furnace to Overheat

An efficient furnace completes a full heating cycle before it turns off. But if the furnace turns off in the middle of a heating cycle, that’s short cycling. A furnace that turns on and off too often can overheat and damage internal components.

Several issues can cause short cycling. Two of the most common causes are a broken thermostat and/or an oversized furnace. An HVAC technician can check your furnace to see if short cycling is causing the overheating.

The Furnace Ventilation System Has Poor Air Circulation

The working parts of a furnace require good air circulation. Lack of sufficient air circulation can cause internal furnace components to overheat. One way to avoid this problem is to maintain a clean air filter.

The air filter prevents dust and other debris from clogging the ventilation system. But if the filter is dirty, it’s unable to do its job of protecting the furnace. This can cause the ventilation system to overwork and eventually overheat.

The Furnace Is Old and Needs Replacing

The lifespan of a typical furnace is 15 years. Your furnace may be overheating because it’s reached the end of its lifespan.

Once a furnace reaches this 15-year milestone, mechanical failures occur more often. Wear and tear of components – such as the fan blower, heat exchanger, and wiring – can cause the furnace to malfunction.

If your furnace is 15 years old or older, you might want to consider a new furnace installation. An experienced HVAC technician can help you learn more about new furnace options.

An overheating furnace requires immediate attention. Not only does an overheating furnace affect your comfort, but it’s also a fire hazard.

Contact Lamb’s Heating & Air Conditioning today for help with your overheating furnace. We can provide furnace maintenance, installation, and repair.

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