Commercial HVAC System in Georgetown, IN

Signs Your Commercial HVAC Needs Urgent Repairs

May 6, 2024

At some point, your commercial HVAC system will need repairs, but you don’t want to wait for the system to conk out before getting service. Instead, you want to know how to spot signs of distress and get repairs from a qualified service technician in Georgetown, IN. Learn more about the symptoms of a damaged system below and get repairs before the problem worsens.

Abnormal Sounds

HVAC systems often give audible clues when there’s a problem. Sounds you want to listen for include persistent clicking that lasts well beyond the system turning on or banking shrieking or scraping. These sounds could indicate a loose part inside the system or a part that’s rubbing against other parts, creating friction. Annoying sounds like these need the attention of experts immediately to avoid more extensive and costly damage to the system.

Operational Changes

Any unusual operational changes you must address immediately. For example, does the HVAC system turn on and off frequently? Heating and cooling experts call this short cycling. It’s a red flag that your system isn’t completing a cycle and needs immediate diagnosis and repairs. A faulty compressor or a damaged circuit are two reasons short cycling occurs. Uneven airflow is another sign of problematic operation that you want to address promptly. When commercial units exhibit operational changes, not only does this put more wear and tear on the system, but it also contributes to higher operational costs.

High Energy Consumption

Pay attention to higher-than-normal energy costs that are not attributed to anything obvious. Instead, consider it a warning from your HVAC system that something’s wrong and the unit’s using more energy to compensate. The system may simply need a tune-up or a mechanical issue might be the culprit. Schedule a check-up with a qualified service technician to determine if your HVAC system is the cause.

Staying on top of HVAC repairs keeps your employees and customers cool and comfortable. Lamb’s Heating & Air Conditioning offers effective solutions solutions for maintaining and repairing your commercial HVAC system. Give us a call today to schedule an appointment.

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