Airflow in Georgetown, IN

How to Boost Airflow in Your Home in Georgetown, IN

November 23, 2021

Proper airflow in your Georgetown, IN, home makes your home feel more comfortable and helps keep your energy bills low. Poor airflow can cause health problems and an HVAC system that breaks down sooner than it should. Boosting airflow in your home is easy when keeping the following five tips in mind this season.

Keep Filters Changed

A clogged and dirty filter makes it harder for air to pass through your HVAC system. Changing the filter or having an HVAC professional do it for you at least every month or so will mitigate this problem.

Unblock Vents

Your HVAC system relies on airflow pressure in order to circulate air through your home. Furniture covering vents impedes airflow and is one cause of hot and cold spots throughout the home. Make sure all vents are open via the inside lever and not obstructed by furniture or debris.

Clean Vents

Dirty, clogged vents can impede airflow just as a dirty filter can. Vacuum them out regularly in order to keep the air flowing.

Maintain the System

Having a yearly tune-up on your HVAC system keeps your warranty in place and helps your system circulate air properly. An experienced HVAC professional will be able to detect any airflow problems and fix them before they become major repairs.

Close Off Leaks

Air leaks are common in homes, particularly those that air older and lack insulation. You can help prevent air leakage by weatherstripping doors and windows and insulating your attic.

If you’re in need of a fall HVAC maintenance appointment, give us a call at Lamb’s Heating & Air Conditioning. With decades of service under our belts, we’re the best company for the job. We look forward to helping you get your unit in tip-top shape.

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