Furnace Noises in New Albany, IN

Banging, Thumping, and Other Furnace Noises in New Albany, IN

November 30, 2023

Furnaces should only produce a dull humming sound while running. Mostly, loud noises occur when your system has a faulty component. Below, we will discuss some furnace noises in New Albany, IN, and what they mean.


Your furnace may take some time to turn on and then produce this sound when it eventually turns on. This scenario likely means your system’s ignition is delayed.

When dust and dirt accumulate on your furnace’s burners, the particulates clog the burners. This can cause the gas to build up. When the gas finally ignites, you will hear a loud bang because a small explosion occurred.

If this problem remains unchecked, this issue can damage the heat exchanger. Schedule regular maintenance services to have all your furnace’s components cleaned.


A thumping noise occurs if your system has an unbalanced blower wheel. The blower wheel falls out of balance when dirt and other contaminants build up on it. Request a technician to clean the component and fix it.


A continuous whistling noise is a sign of airflow issues. Contaminants block your system’s air filter over time if the component remains unreplaced.

You will hear a whistling noise as the furnace draws air through the narrow openings in the filter. Also, air from your furnace may escape through tiny holes in the ductwork that cause this sound.

A clogged air filter and ductwork leaks make your furnace run for a longer period than usual. Consequently, its components wear out more quickly, resulting in frequent breakdowns. Change the air filter every one to three to reduce the burden on your system.


A constant rattling sound suggests there is a loose part in your system, though a cracked heat exchanger may also cause the noise. A cracked heat exchanger may result in carbon monoxide leakage. Therefore, it’s vital to address the noise immediately.

Seek professional help when you detect any unusual sounds to prevent the problem from worsening. You can call us at Lamb’s Heating & Air Conditioning for professional heating services to have all your furnace issues addressed promptly.

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