AC Maintenance in Sellersburg, IN

4 Consequences of Skipping Spring AC Maintenance in Sellersburg, IN

June 21, 2022

Air conditioner maintenance is a must for any homeowner in Sellersburg, IN. To know how important it is, it’s worth pondering the consequences of skipping it. A poorly maintained AC won’t cool your home efficiently, will break down more, and cost you more money each month.

Poor AC Performance

Without maintenance, your filter will get clogged up, the coils will build up dirt and grime and wiring will become loose. All of this can prevent the AC from absorbing heat from your home, which leads to lukewarm air and low air pressure. The AC will also run for much longer than it should because it won’t be able to reach your set point.

More Repairs to Deal With

One benefit of maintenance is that the technician will pinpoint issues with the AC and address them before they grow. Consequently, a lack of maintenance will cause many issues to grow, which you won’t notice until the AC overheats or breaks down completely. By that time, the repairs that you’ll require will be extensive and costly.

Increased Monthly Utility Bills

As mentioned, your AC may start to run for an excessively long time because of the hindrances to heat transfer. This, along with other problems, will contribute to an increase in your monthly utility bill.

Higher Humidity Levels

Did you know that ACs remove humidity from the air while they cool? If the AC begins to short-cycle, though, it won’t do this so effectively, which will make the indoors uncomfortable for you.

To schedule maintenance for your AC in Sellersburg, contact Lamb’s Heating & Air Conditioning. Though we’re a Trane Comfort Specialist, we can work with any brand and model of ducted or ductless AC. Our technicians undergo continual training and are NATE-certified.

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